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cymbidium orchid 中文 報歲蘭

報歲蘭 Cymbidium sinense
學 名 : Cymbidium sinense 中文名稱 : 報歲蘭 產 區 : 臺灣 ,中國 ,越南 植株大小 : 20 ~ 60公分 花 徑 : 4 ~ 5公分 花 期 : 冬末 ~ 春季 花 壽 : 15 ~ 20天 氣 味 : 清香 日 照 : 中光
Pink Cymbidium Orchid
Cymbidium goeringii
English: Noble orchid ह न द : य र म ल य Bahasa Indonesia: Anggrek Musim Semi 日本語: シュンラン 한국어: 보춘화 త ల గ : న బ ల ప ల українська: Благородна орхідея 中文: 朵朵香 中文(簡體) : 春蘭 中文(繁體) : 春蘭
Cream cymbidium orchids. Spray of cream cymbidium orchids.

Cymbidium – Wikipedia

Cymbidium ist vor allem als Zierpflanze bekannt und beliebt, besonders die unzähligen, großblumigen Hybriden erfreuen sich weltweiter Bekanntheit und wachsender Nachfrage. Millionen von Topfpflanzen werden jährlich in Supermärkten, Baumärkten und Gartencentern und als Schnittblumen in Floristikgeschäften verkauft.
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國蘭Chinese national orchid diagram on Behance

8/9/2018 · In China, orchid is called the national orchid, the national orchid mainly for spring orchid, lily orchid, cymbidium, jianlan, cold orchid, merlan, spring sword seven categories, there are thousands of varieties of horticulture. Now known as the Chinese orchid – the
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Noble orchid
The Noble Orchid (Cymbidium goeringii) is a cold hardy evergreen Orchid.[1] It is a dwarf plant that blooms in the spring.[2] Its petals are green, yellow-green or brown. It has pseudobulbs found below ground.[2] The leaves are long and grass-like with serrated edges.[2] It is found growing as far north as Okushiri Island (42 degrees north
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funeral flowers 殯儀帛事花
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Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CymMV) and Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus (ORSV) are common and important orchid viruses. After infection of the two viruses, the orchid plants often display with mosaic spots and necrotic streaks. The growth rate of plants is slowed down due to virus infection and the appearance is also affected.
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Cymbidium orchid 3D model MAX OBJ FBX
Cymbidium orchid 3D model, available formats MAX OBJ FBX, ready for 3D animation and other 3D projects | Objects, materials and textures are logically named All objects are grouped High quality of model – the sizes and proportions are observed
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Dendrobium Orchid Care & Growing Guide

Dendrobium Orchid Care Dendrobium orchids make good houseplants and are fairly easy to grow, though they can be picky about their environment. Thus, paying close attention to their growing conditions is key for a healthy, well-blooming plant. In general, these
The Boat Orchid's scientific name is, Cymbidium. , Habita...