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Evolving role of adiponectin in cancer-controversies and …

Adiponectin (APN), an adipokine produced by adipocytes, has been shown to have a critical role in the pathogenesis of obesity-associated malignancies. Through its receptor interactions, APN may exert its anti-carcinogenic effects including regulating cell survival, apoptosis and metastasis via a plethora of signalling pathways.
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Expression of adiponectin and its receptors in type 1 …

Due to APN’s association with enhanced insulin sensitivity, APN deficiency is believed to be closely related with the pathological progression of diabetic retinopathy [4,6,16-18]. To further understand the underlying mechanisms of APN in the pathogenesis of DR, determining the distribution of APN and its receptors in normal and diseased retinas is crucial.
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chronic kidney disease CKD慢性腎疾病 acute kidney injury AKI急性腎臟損傷 acute on chronic kidney disease 慢性腎疾病急性惡化 end stage renal disease (ESRD)末期腎臟病 acute pyelonephritis, APN急性腎盂腎炎 urinary tract infection UTI泌尿道感染 systemic lupus

APN is a Zn 2+ dependent protease that preferentially degrades peptides or proteins with a N-terminal neutral amino acid. It has been shown that tropism differences of these viruses are due to the ability of their spike proteins to recognize small species-specific amino acid differences in APN …

The urinary and serum levels of IL-32 in children with …

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the second most common infection in childhood and infancy. Acute pyelonephritis (APN) is a dangerous and significant type of UTI [].The significance of APN is its tendency to cause permanent renal damage, also known as scarring [2,3].].

周邊動脈阻塞性疾病(Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease:PAOD)
前言 隨著飲食之西化,糖尿病人口比例增加,及抽菸人口數的增加而導致周邊動脈阻塞,造成病患肢體缺血而產生間歇性跛行,缺血性疼痛甚而肢體缺血性壞死的病例也隨之增加。 如果發生在周邊的動脈阻塞,如股動脈以下的血管病變(peripheral arterial occlusive disease 簡稱PAOD)根據統計在一佰個跛行的

佑民醫療社團法人佑民醫院-Yumin Medical Corporation Yumin …

5. 喝蔓越莓汁: 在醫學上被證實其中成分[花青素(proanthocyanidins)]可以 防止大腸桿菌附著於尿道壁上,所以可當作平日預防泌尿道感染的保健品。 當然,若已經有頻尿,尿急,排尿會痛,有灼熱感等情形,還是建議趕緊就醫治療,才是正確保健之道。

Home run—results of a chronic kidney disease …

APN-CNN-NP 3 Understanding CKD, slowing progression, renal replacement options and labs 2 APN-CNN-NP + renal dietician 2.5 Diet and medications 3 APN-CNN-NP + renal social worker 2.5 Coping with CKD finances

ICD-10-CM/PCS 於蛭床疾病分類計畫」

 · PDF 檔案ICD-10-CM/PCS 疾病分類教育訓葫教案 電子檔閱讀荃明 壹, 編藾概要 蘝著WHO「不再修訂ICD-9」之宣示,ICD-10,ICD-10-CM,ICD-10-PCS 已普臗被推 薦使用為健康資料分類之萏準代碼,美國已公告將於2013 年全面實施ICD-10-CM,ICD-10-PCS,其國內相關

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